Research Associate: King Cobra Telemetry- Phase II

The Crocodile Bank seeks a Research Associate for the second phase of the King Cobra Telemetry Project at its beautiful field station in Agumbe, Western Ghats. This is due to begin in November and has been termed one of the most exciting herp projects in the world. The candidate must be passionate about conservation, with some background knowledge about snakes and the rain forest….and ready to “rough it out” in basic accommodation in one of the wettest places in the country.

  • The work will include:
  • Coordinating with the telemetry team;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the project volunteers;
  • Overseeing daily data collection (including photographs/videos) and storage;
  • Overseeing periodic collation of data as it adds up;
  • Documenting daily activities;
  • Make sure that all safety protocols and Forest Department regulations are being followed.

Interested candidates may write to info@madrascrocodilebank.org with the subject line “KCTP-II: Field Coordinator” with a CV, two references, and a 300-word personal statement about why they would be a suitable candidate for the job.